Monday, December 5, 2011

If only in my dreams...

Daniel just bought a nifty new set of chains at Les Schwab this Saturday as we are preparing our trip to San Jose this year for Christmas. Yes, this is my first year away from home on Christmas. Although I know it will not be easy I am looking forward to seeing friends and family. So naturally when I’m feeling down I make a nice little Pro-Con list to make myself feel better about a sunny Christmas Day.
1. This year I will be having a whole week off from work so I can feel like I am in elementary again with a nice “Christmas Vacation”.
2. There always seems to be an abundance of Shopping done in the sales tax state.
3. Family – always good to see the people we love
4. I’m looking forward to seeing how Daniel has always celebrated his Christmas
5. Tortillas – nuff said
6. We get to see the Anaheim Mighty Ducks play the San Jose Sharks. Let the Mighty Ducks references BEGIN!
1. The only con is that I will miss my family and family traditions. Christmas eve with my Grandma, Aunts & Uncles and little cousins. Christmas Morning when my little sisters run down stairs for Santa’s gifts as the house is filled with the smell of Cinnamon Rolls. Driving to Washington to my Grandma’s house where there is always scratch’ets and I get to stay in my childhood room. Omelets in the morning and so many more family traditions that I will miss.
Although it is hard the most important thing is that I will be spending our new revised Christmas together. I get to spend Christmas with my family, Daniel. He always cheers me up and always makes me feel at home.
Even without egg nog, Christmas trees, snow, presents and tradition one thing is true every year.

For unto us a child is born!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A poem how sweet, what poem would that be?

As I sit wondering why I have not written in days
It is to my dismay there is nothing to say.
While people buy houses, make babies galore
I ponder which spices to buy at the store

My dollhouse is really an apartment at best
Although I decorate it and pretend that I am truly blessed
I don’t have five bedrooms, sitting rooms and granite
When people ask “what’s new”? I can barely stand it

So here will be my answer for all that have wondered
Our dreams of buying a cat have been blundered
Because we have decided to buy an elephant instead
And move to some far place and register Red

Daniel found out about is royal blood line
I am soon the next Catharine and the thrown will be mine
I am pregnant with not one or two or three
I’ll be having quintuplets and a reality show on TV

We won the lottery not one month ago
So I can bake all day and I’ll let every one know
How great my life is because all of this glory
Doesn’t even compare to the true story

I live in an apartment with the love of my life
We eat our dinner with an aluminum fork and knife
It might be simple with nothing new to say
I could tell you that we still have our rent to pay

But no one wants to hear how awesome and true
To rent and work and have it be just us two
No pet, house, throne, baby or show
Could make us privy to what we already know

Everyone has their own timing and wishes on a star
But for now, Daniel and I are staying right where we are

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Butter is Better

I love baking as much as I love eating. Deadly combination. A while back I made a batch of OH EM GEE awesome so good Red Velvet Cupcakes.

SO much food coloring in them

I don’t think I have yet to make a better frosting either.

I ate most of these cupcakes you see here. I’m not proud of it.

But much to my dismay the next day at work I attended a chamber of commerce meeting where the guest speaker talked about two of the worst things you can put into your body. Number ONE!

And number TWO was…

Food Coloring

Why are all good things so bad for you?

In an effort to sooth my mind I fallowed the speakers directions…. I went out later with my sisters and ate one of these…

Things I learned:
1. Butter is better than Margarine
2. Sugar is better than aspartame
3. Grown-ups can eat cotton candy ice cream too

Monday, July 25, 2011

To all my avid blog followers, I am back. In the time that I have been gone, I can only assume that you have been bored out of your minds, because I have not written in quite some time. Plagued by vacation and a busy schedule to fallow, I am back. And hopefully this time, I will be more constant. Because of all the things I know well, it is that my life is of deep interest to you.

A few things of note have happened during my hiatus. First and foremost is that we took a trip to SanFran and Lake Tahoe. We took my little sister Maddy. more commonly known as hurricane Maddy, with us.

We ate at Guy Fieri’s restaurant with our great friends, Andy & Sarah Todd with their cutest little twinzies in the WORLD. I miss them so.

And one of my greatest friends in the world, Tosha. Maddy was quoted at the restaurant by saying “this place is like a club”. And there was some truth to that statement. Besides the dark room and loud music. It took us an hour to be seated while we watched processed women wearing mini-dresses and high heals walk in and be seated right away. We had an hour to win it, good luck.

And here is Daniel after questioned by his manhood, eating wasabi.

We got to watch a Giants game!!! And we turned my little sister, who is raised a Dodger, into a GIANT. Proud moment for big sister.

We met up with Daniels family in Lake Tahoe and the Oregonians got BURNT! We forgot about the elevation difference.

Took a Mob photo.

I told the guy I wanted MOB style. But I should have been more specific. I wanted to look like the Corleones.

After the vacation we had 3 sets of family stay with us! We had a blast. We were so busy that I had to go to my dear friend Prisha’s wedding STAG.

Yes, I still have Tahoe perma straps.

And a ton of other things happen that are just too boring for the blog, but I hope that this explains my absence. Next time I'll ask for a hall pass. See you SOON!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The weekend

Although Daniel has the immunity of a vegan, I don’t. And for the past week I have been sick. But take heart, I’m feeling much better and now it is reduced to just the sniffles. But the weekend seems to go on even when I’m sick. . .

Sunday I was feeling so sick, but we have been saving money to buy a nicer camera. So Daniel went and bought our Nikon LG79384KHSDkf . Well, I know it’s a Nikon. And it shoots pretty pictures. Like default picture frame pictures.

Daniel spent the rest of the day taking pictures of things around the house. He is already becoming a pro.

Look at him go!

I got this chair for 5 bucks at a garage sale last summer with my friend Sear.

Now he is getting creative!

Soon he will be taking Senior pics...

I'm trying to find the perfect frostin... and trying not to gain weight. Impossible.

So the last day of our three day weekend (Memorial Day) I decided I was done being sick. Or so I wanted to believe. So I pretended I wasn’t and we took a day trip to the beach. Although we had great shopping, I was not feeling so hot and it ended up raining which makes a Californian cranky. Especially when the Californian wants to take pictures with his new camera.

At this point I was sitting in the car sweating but trying to hide it from Daniel. He didn't buy it.

Although there were setbacks, we had a nice time. We came home and spent our last weekend hours watching our new favorite show, Extreme Couponing. I am sorry to say, we are believers. Next time you see us in Safeway, we will have a large binder in hand. Our pantry is going to look like it’s from 1999.

So that was our memorable Memorial Day weekend. It might not be filled with lot but I loved it. Can’t say the same for my Puffs plus Vicks tissues.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Man Vs. Food…Will be the Death of Us

We are so fortunate to be able to spend our lunch together at home every day. Unfortunately, Man Vs. Food is on at the same time. As much as we love Adam Richman and his hilariousness, he is warping our mind set and making us order food such as this

And this

Off of every menu that we come across. It has enticed Daniel to want to do every food challenge as well even he spicy ones. Daniel thinks black pepper is too spicy. I have to talk him down every time.


This has also sparking much suspicion that I have become pregnant due to what I’m eating, and I suspect the weight I have gained. But I am here to say, this body is a mix of food challenges and the Maynard/Sisler body type. My friend Sear calls it happiness; I call it the newlywed fifteen.
As well as ordering off menus, I have been cooking just like a short order cook. Making meals such as but not limited to

Pulled Pork

Thank you crock pot!!!!! And I must say making homemade BBQ sauce makes ALL the difference.

So now we are venturing off into the self control. I’ll have to keep you posted on how that works out for us.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Up to date...

A lot has happened since Daniel and I were married last year, June 18th. So I thought our first post could be a sort of Christmas card of a blog to get everyone up to date.

My parents and family all put their heads together to throw a perfect wedding celebration for Daniel and I. Although at the time my dad was unemployed, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams without the financial nightmare. God was so good to us that little by little my wedding came together and the only thing we had to pay for/ pay full price for was the rentals.

We moved into a little apartment we like to call our Doll House. Although its small capacity, we have filled it with love and memories.

We are currently home searching. It is hard! A lot harder than I thought it would be. Nothing seems to be right. Apparently there is a lot of “Mr. Rights” in life. Mr. Right Husband, Mr. Right House, Mr. Right Timing, Mr. Right Job, Mr. Rightirement.

This is a house from Wisteria Lane... unless we have a death wish we won't be moving there. But great houses. My dream house is the McAllister house from Home Alone. It seems a little too far out of my price range… about two million dollars off. Still looking….

Big things of note:

Giants won the World Series
We bought a car
We named our future son
I flew for the first time in a decade – the migraine fallowed
Daniel finally discovered 30 Rock

So that is, essentially, mine and Daniel’s life up to date. We are coming up upon our one-year anniversary and still in love, still newlyweds, and still children at heart.