Thursday, June 2, 2011

The weekend

Although Daniel has the immunity of a vegan, I don’t. And for the past week I have been sick. But take heart, I’m feeling much better and now it is reduced to just the sniffles. But the weekend seems to go on even when I’m sick. . .

Sunday I was feeling so sick, but we have been saving money to buy a nicer camera. So Daniel went and bought our Nikon LG79384KHSDkf . Well, I know it’s a Nikon. And it shoots pretty pictures. Like default picture frame pictures.

Daniel spent the rest of the day taking pictures of things around the house. He is already becoming a pro.

Look at him go!

I got this chair for 5 bucks at a garage sale last summer with my friend Sear.

Now he is getting creative!

Soon he will be taking Senior pics...

I'm trying to find the perfect frostin... and trying not to gain weight. Impossible.

So the last day of our three day weekend (Memorial Day) I decided I was done being sick. Or so I wanted to believe. So I pretended I wasn’t and we took a day trip to the beach. Although we had great shopping, I was not feeling so hot and it ended up raining which makes a Californian cranky. Especially when the Californian wants to take pictures with his new camera.

At this point I was sitting in the car sweating but trying to hide it from Daniel. He didn't buy it.

Although there were setbacks, we had a nice time. We came home and spent our last weekend hours watching our new favorite show, Extreme Couponing. I am sorry to say, we are believers. Next time you see us in Safeway, we will have a large binder in hand. Our pantry is going to look like it’s from 1999.

So that was our memorable Memorial Day weekend. It might not be filled with lot but I loved it. Can’t say the same for my Puffs plus Vicks tissues.