Monday, July 25, 2011

To all my avid blog followers, I am back. In the time that I have been gone, I can only assume that you have been bored out of your minds, because I have not written in quite some time. Plagued by vacation and a busy schedule to fallow, I am back. And hopefully this time, I will be more constant. Because of all the things I know well, it is that my life is of deep interest to you.

A few things of note have happened during my hiatus. First and foremost is that we took a trip to SanFran and Lake Tahoe. We took my little sister Maddy. more commonly known as hurricane Maddy, with us.

We ate at Guy Fieri’s restaurant with our great friends, Andy & Sarah Todd with their cutest little twinzies in the WORLD. I miss them so.

And one of my greatest friends in the world, Tosha. Maddy was quoted at the restaurant by saying “this place is like a club”. And there was some truth to that statement. Besides the dark room and loud music. It took us an hour to be seated while we watched processed women wearing mini-dresses and high heals walk in and be seated right away. We had an hour to win it, good luck.

And here is Daniel after questioned by his manhood, eating wasabi.

We got to watch a Giants game!!! And we turned my little sister, who is raised a Dodger, into a GIANT. Proud moment for big sister.

We met up with Daniels family in Lake Tahoe and the Oregonians got BURNT! We forgot about the elevation difference.

Took a Mob photo.

I told the guy I wanted MOB style. But I should have been more specific. I wanted to look like the Corleones.

After the vacation we had 3 sets of family stay with us! We had a blast. We were so busy that I had to go to my dear friend Prisha’s wedding STAG.

Yes, I still have Tahoe perma straps.

And a ton of other things happen that are just too boring for the blog, but I hope that this explains my absence. Next time I'll ask for a hall pass. See you SOON!

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  1. love this. p.s. i didn't know about the mob photo.. kind of upsetting. I assume I should know everything about your life prior to hearing about it via the blog. Impossible.