Monday, May 9, 2011

Up to date...

A lot has happened since Daniel and I were married last year, June 18th. So I thought our first post could be a sort of Christmas card of a blog to get everyone up to date.

My parents and family all put their heads together to throw a perfect wedding celebration for Daniel and I. Although at the time my dad was unemployed, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams without the financial nightmare. God was so good to us that little by little my wedding came together and the only thing we had to pay for/ pay full price for was the rentals.

We moved into a little apartment we like to call our Doll House. Although its small capacity, we have filled it with love and memories.

We are currently home searching. It is hard! A lot harder than I thought it would be. Nothing seems to be right. Apparently there is a lot of “Mr. Rights” in life. Mr. Right Husband, Mr. Right House, Mr. Right Timing, Mr. Right Job, Mr. Rightirement.

This is a house from Wisteria Lane... unless we have a death wish we won't be moving there. But great houses. My dream house is the McAllister house from Home Alone. It seems a little too far out of my price range… about two million dollars off. Still looking….

Big things of note:

Giants won the World Series
We bought a car
We named our future son
I flew for the first time in a decade – the migraine fallowed
Daniel finally discovered 30 Rock

So that is, essentially, mine and Daniel’s life up to date. We are coming up upon our one-year anniversary and still in love, still newlyweds, and still children at heart.

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