Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A poem how sweet, what poem would that be?

As I sit wondering why I have not written in days
It is to my dismay there is nothing to say.
While people buy houses, make babies galore
I ponder which spices to buy at the store

My dollhouse is really an apartment at best
Although I decorate it and pretend that I am truly blessed
I don’t have five bedrooms, sitting rooms and granite
When people ask “what’s new”? I can barely stand it

So here will be my answer for all that have wondered
Our dreams of buying a cat have been blundered
Because we have decided to buy an elephant instead
And move to some far place and register Red

Daniel found out about is royal blood line
I am soon the next Catharine and the thrown will be mine
I am pregnant with not one or two or three
I’ll be having quintuplets and a reality show on TV

We won the lottery not one month ago
So I can bake all day and I’ll let every one know
How great my life is because all of this glory
Doesn’t even compare to the true story

I live in an apartment with the love of my life
We eat our dinner with an aluminum fork and knife
It might be simple with nothing new to say
I could tell you that we still have our rent to pay

But no one wants to hear how awesome and true
To rent and work and have it be just us two
No pet, house, throne, baby or show
Could make us privy to what we already know

Everyone has their own timing and wishes on a star
But for now, Daniel and I are staying right where we are

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